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What ever happened to Loricosaurus?

More sauropods, but deviating slightly from what I was planning to post today. Working through all the titanosaurs known from South America, I came across an old taxon I learned a little about several years back. Loricosaurus is a genus of … Continue reading

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Every discrete anatomical feature you need to know (vertebrae)

I have been (still) working on the titanosaur phylogeny you have seen in my last few posts. This time, because inspiration struck, I have decided to go beyond the recent minimal-word, main picture posts of late, and instead I am … Continue reading

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My take on english taxa #1

So I’m beginning a new series on english taxa, starting with the oldest of any, Rutellum impicatum. Now this name currently is invalid, but it has a very important story to tell. A single tooth was collected near Whitney, Oxfordshire, … Continue reading

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Haestasaurus becklesii is a moderately sized macronarian from the Wealden of England. It was known as “Pelorosaurus” becklesii for a long time since its original description, with its humerus, the only overlapping material, significantly more robust than that of Pelorosaurus brevis. In … Continue reading

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Awesomely Accurate II – Diplodocidae

My second in a series of posts comes to rest on the most recognizable family of sauropods, where the genus “Brontosaurus” came to rest. Many specimens of diplodocids are known, with only a few including skulls. Accuracy points for diplodocids: … Continue reading

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Paleoart accuracy

Today I’m posting my first major look at paleoart accuracy here. Recently, I have completed some drawings and sketches of dinosaurs, like Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, and my first non-dinosaurian. My knowledge of anatomical features that affect paleoart comes mainly from the english … Continue reading

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“Brachiosaurus” nougaredi II – Oh no, What is with its sacrum!?

Recent studies on newer old sauropod phylogenies came across the original description of Ferganasaurus and what in the world is with its sacrum. As you can clearly see in Figure 5 (shown below), half of the sacrum is complete, and all … Continue reading

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