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Skeletal making

I really haven’t been able to think of a topic this year that I can disclose the contents of to others, so here I am writing up a short piece on a new skill I’ve acquired. Be warned, there are … Continue reading

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Haestasaurus becklesii is a moderately sized macronarian from the Wealden of England. It was known as “Pelorosaurus” becklesii for a long time since its original description, with its humerus, the only overlapping material, significantly more robust than that of Pelorosaurus brevis. In … Continue reading

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Awesomely Accurate II – Diplodocidae

My second in a series of posts comes to rest on the most recognizable family of sauropods, where the genus “Brontosaurus” came to rest. Many specimens of diplodocids are known, with only a few including skulls. Accuracy points for diplodocids: … Continue reading

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Paleoart accuracy

Today I’m posting my first major look at paleoart accuracy here. Recently, I have completed some drawings and sketches of dinosaurs, like Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, and my first non-dinosaurian. My knowledge of anatomical features that affect paleoart comes mainly from the english … Continue reading

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