Work on titanosaurs (aka phylogeny #2)

Now, from what I had in my last post I expanded the matrix coding for 50 taxa instead of 42, and the tree definitely changed. Unfortunately, I forgot to add the taxa names in the first portion so instead they are labelled as 43-50. But the below list is of the taxa I added, in order.

43 – Brontomerus; 44 – Astrophocaudia; 45 – Macrurosaurus; 46 – Gigantosaurus; 47 – “Brachiosaurus” nougaredi; 48 – Mongolosaurus; 49 – “Titanosaurus” nanus; 50 – Atacamatitan

Most of these taxa are highly unknown, and the tree clearly reflects that. Below is a tree before a single character correction for “B.” nougaredi (changing a 1 to ?), as well as changes for Antarctosaurus giganteus (included in my analysis on the previous post, but errors in coding resulted in it being a Shunosaurid). It is funny to note that, although not labelled, the entire topology has changed, with Argyrosauridae separated from Lognkosauria, Argentinosaurus becoming a lithostrotian, Brontomerus grouping with Gigantosaurus and Venenosaurus away from Cedarosaurus.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.42.08 PM

The entire tree is not very strongly supported, in fact, the highest clades include Diplodocidae (not shown above), at only 99.92%, not even found in all trees.


About ijreid

I am an amateur palaeontologist thats hobbies include studying extinct amniotes, specifically dinosaurs, birds, and mammals. Occasionally, I focus my time on detailed and accurate illustrations of dinosaurs, and I have completed drawings of Dysalotosaurus, Micropachycephalosaurus, Zhuchengtyrannus, Troodon, Eotyrannus, Europelta, and Achillobator. I do not believe in copyrights, and think that the world would be better if everything was open access.
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