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Why Not to delete taxa A Posteriori or A Priori

So I’ve been making excursions into phylogenetic analysing, and based on advice from Mike Taylor I’ve added a dental character, Euhelopus and Brachiosaurus nougaredi. Based on what I’ve found, I can safely say that NO MATTER WHAT, all characters and taxa add … Continue reading

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A Phylogeny of Pure Sacral Characters

I have for a while been intrigued by sauropods, and how Atlantosaurus related to Apatosaurus. Of course because the former would be the senior synonym. But I didn’t want to code it into a large analysis. So I decided to place it … Continue reading

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A Sneak Preview (publication #1?)

Hi all. It is about time for a post on what very well may be my first publication. First off, journal choices. So with every publication, the author has to chose a few journals to submit the paper to, with … Continue reading

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