The vote of the art

Okay, here is a quick post about palaeoart. I hope all my few followers, and who comes across this will vote. I am willing to draw any single dinosaur ever named, valid or not, but I myself cannot decide which. Hopefully you will choose. There will be three categories, each one of which I will draw ten dinosaurs, in full colour with whole bodies. One will be speculative, one will be full body, and one will be head. Each person may vote for up to two dinosaurs of each section. Voting will be over at the end of this month. Votes can be as specific or generic as you wish.

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Updates: After voting in the comments here and on deviantart, results are coming in with Antrodemus (2), Kayentavenator (2), Agathaumas (1), Xenoposeidon (1), Brontomerus (1), Jeholosaurus (1), Oxalaia (1), Ichthyovenator (1), Willinakaqe (1), Manidens (1), and Nqwebasaurus (1).


About ijreid

I am an amateur palaeontologist thats hobbies include studying extinct amniotes, specifically dinosaurs, birds, and mammals. Occasionally, I focus my time on detailed and accurate illustrations of dinosaurs, and I have completed drawings of Dysalotosaurus, Micropachycephalosaurus, Zhuchengtyrannus, Troodon, Eotyrannus, Europelta, and Achillobator. I do not believe in copyrights, and think that the world would be better if everything was open access.
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3 Responses to The vote of the art

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    My two votes: Xenoposeidon, Brontomerus.

    (I realise these may not be enormously surprising.)


  2. Ben says:

    Since you said valid or not, I’m going to be difficult and vote for Agathaumas and Antrodemus.


  3. ijreid says:

    The difficulty or how surprising they are doesn’t matter at all, a little challenge is good. So far we have Xenoposeidon (1 vote), Brontomerus (1), Agathaumas (1), Antrodemus (2 votes), and Kayentavenator (2 votes). Hope more votes come in.


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