The Diplo of Brito

Following Mike’s amazing post, I say that the Natural History Museum of Britain should have both the iconic Diplodocus and a blue whale, to represent the issue of extinction. However, even more awesome would be if they also had a dodo running, then they would have three heights, three sizes, three levels, and three different icons of extinction or conservation. The Diplodocus could represent pre-human extinction, and most people who have been to the museum would still love and recognize it even with its companions. Raphus cucullatus, the dodo, is very well known, and was extinct after human inhabitation of Mauritius. It is a prime example of the consequences of human intervention on uninhabited lands. The blue whale, gigantic, the largest creature ever, diving into the depths. It represents a species that may go extinct soon. Together I believe that they will match wondefully. And, without further ado, my knock-off of Mikes rendering of Diplodocus with the blue whale, with the dodo added.



About ijreid

I am an amateur palaeontologist thats hobbies include studying extinct amniotes, specifically dinosaurs, birds, and mammals. Occasionally, I focus my time on detailed and accurate illustrations of dinosaurs, and I have completed drawings of Dysalotosaurus, Micropachycephalosaurus, Zhuchengtyrannus, Troodon, Eotyrannus, Europelta, and Achillobator. I do not believe in copyrights, and think that the world would be better if everything was open access.
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