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Grand Old Brontosaurus and the species of Apatosaurus

Brontosaurus excelsus has a history of being a very popular dinosaur, yet many recent studies find it a species of Apatosaurus, A. excelsus. It shows many features that are similar to A. ajax, A. louisae, and A. parvus. However, as was brought up in one … Continue reading

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What’s with the metacarpal of “Brachiosaurus” nougaredi?

After the recent description of Zby atlanticus (Mateus et al., 2014), I’ve decided to start analyzing the material of “Brachiosaurus” nougaredi (Lapparent, 1960). The species is definitely distinct from Brachiosaurus altithorax. However, the most distinctive material of “B”. nougaredi, a gigantic sacrum that is surprisingly narrow, … Continue reading

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